Water Balance Express

Find out how you can develop/redevelop your land AND help us restore our region’s natural water balance.

When natural areas are altered by human development we lose the slow-release, sponge-like functions of vegetation and soil, and severely upset the balance and flow of water.

Unbalanced water means:

  • Too much during wet weather periods – fast-moving water rushes off hard surfaces like driveways, building roofs, decks, compacted soil and parking lots, causing poor drainage, stream pollution, increased stream erosion, slope destabilization, mud slides, and ultimately an increased need for expensive (storm)water infrastructure.
  • Too little during dry weather periods – when streams and aquifers are not recharged, fish cannot survive, vegetation dies and there isn’t enough water for communities and commercial activity.

There are costs, liabilities and sustainability consequences associated with each extreme

Slow, Sink and Spread Rainwater